21 REASONS Why YOU Should Attend
          the 2018 Rochester  MD20 Lions Convention                      
* To Have some Lions Fun
* To Enjoy the Lions First Nighter / Ice Breaker - Food, Drink, and
           Casino Night  Entertainment
* To Observe the Opening Ceremony which includes the Lions Flag Ceremony
* To Recognize and Honor Each District Lion Leadership Designee
* To See the MD20 Lions Pin Traders in Action
* To Mix with Lions of all levels, from International to Grassroots
* To Enjoy the Rochester Convention Center, Hotels, Restaurants and Hospitality
* To Inspect the Many Convention Exhibits and Vendors
* To Make a Purchase at the Lions Goods Store
* To visit one of the many historical homes like Susan B. Anthony,
          Frederick Douglas, George Eastman
* To Carouse the many Lions Hospitality Rooms
* To Enjoy the scenic beauty of Rochester and the surrounding area
* To Attend a Lions Educational Seminar
* To put on your favorite Jeans, cowboy boots and bandana to enjoy our
          Country & Western Theme Party, Food and Entertainment
* To Honor your current Lion District Governor
* To Vote on 2018 - MD20 Lions Business items
* To Elect and Support your Incoming Lion District Governor
* To attend the Lions Memorial Service
* To Observe the Closing Ceremony
* To Make Lion Memories and Friends that will last forever
* To See Why Your 2018 MD20 Lions Convention Host (20E-1) 
           is:  the Excellent 1 !

Rochester , NY